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Are you an avid golfer continually looking for ways to improve
your golf game?

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Avid Golfer A new product has come out that will improve your golf game - it is called the
Golf Heart Flex and here is a short video that will demonstrate how it will help you improve your golf game.

One of the keys for improving your golf game is to make sure you have control over the golf ball. In order to have control over your golf ball means that you have to have control over your golf club - especially through the hitting area.

And one of the things you can do to improve your control of the golf club is to use the
Golf Heart Flex.

It will enable you to improve strength in your wrists and your arms and allow you to control the golf club through the hitting area.

"Golf Heart Flex is possible because of recent breakthroughs in molding technology and plastic formulation. It's so innovative it is protected by three separate United States patents.
Golf Heart Flex is made up of an assembly of 18 self-lubricating ball and socket joints. These dynamic joints create friction and supply 'consistent resistance' through a complete range of motion. Don't confuse the sophistication of Golf Heart Flex's resistance assembly with other similar looking products that use spring or rubber bands that don't produce 'consistent resistance' through a range of motion. Golf Heart Flex is a hand held exercise device that creates resistance through friction."
Avid Golfer

Avid Golfer There are four Golf Heart Flex exercises that are specifically designed to improve your control of the golf club - especially your swing through the hitting area.

The first exercise is similar to the old workout where we used to take a five pound weight and tie it onto the end of an old broomstick. Using the Golf Heart Flex is a great improvement over the old exercise because you may now move your forearms up and down while twisting your wrists. You'll get much more benefit out of this exercise as it will provide much more exercise to your forearms.
The Golf Heart Flex is also much more efficient than the old wrist rolling stick as Golf Heart Flex pits one set of muscles against the other - cutting workout times in half. Another plus is that the Golf Heart Flex weighs only half a pound and may be used anywhere - even while sitting.

The second exercise develops wrist twisting strength (supination / pronation) by twisting your wrists from side to side at the same time while holding the
Golf Heart Flex.

A third exercise develops wrist cocking strength (abduction / aduction) by holding the Golf Heart Flex and cocking the wrists in opposite directions at the same time.

These three exercises develop TOTAL wrist strength. The Golf Heart Flex develops wrist strength in ALL three dimensions - wrist rolling - wrist twisting - and - wrist cocking. The second two exercises are oftentimes neglected and yet are crucial to developing the TOTALITY of strength in the avid golfer's wrist and forearm muscles. By developing overall wrist and forearm strength maximum club control is possible within the hitting area of your golf swing.

A fourth exercise is specifically directed to the golf game. Hold the Golf Heart Flex, pointing down, as if you were at the base of your golf swing. Now move your arms and wrists back and forth, in a swinging motion, exercising through the hitting area.

By doing these four exercises five to ten minutes a day, once or twice a day, you will find that you will improve the strength of your wrists and your forearms which will improve your ability to control the golf club, thereby controlling the golf ball - reducing your score and allowing you to get a lot more enjoyment out of the game.

If you are an avid golfer continually looking for ways to improve your golf game
please watch our demonstration video and visit our Testimonials page.

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